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Ipsos Comcon is part of Ipsos Group, ranking third in the global research industry. With a strong presence in 87 countries. We set ourselves high standards and aim to work collaboratively in partnership with our teams in order to service our clients most effectively.

Our goal is simple: to be our clients' preferred research partners in our areas of specialisation. We want our clients to be proud and pleased to work with us - and we want each one of us to be proud and pleased to offer our clients high quality standards, efficiency and intelligence.

News & Events

Ipsos announces the death of Carlos Harding, Ipsos Deputy CEO

13.12.2016, It is with a deep sadness that we announce the death of Carlos Harding, Ipsos Deputy CEO, LT Participations Board Member and Ipsos Partners Shareholders, on Friday 9 December 2016 in Paris.     

More than half of Russians are going to watch broadcasts of World Cup 2018

07.12.2016, The first results of syndicated study about WorldCup2018     

Ipsos Comcon has developed a new psychographic segmentation of moms

10.11.2016, Ipsos Comcon has created a new moms psychographic segmentation V2     

Ipsos Comcon held client conference FutuRe:search

31.10.2016, Conference-Quest took place in the new office     

Ipsos Comcon launch CONNECT:WorldCup2018

25.10.2016, Launch a special syndicated survey ahead of the Football World Cup in Russia     

Ipsos Connect launches Connect:Live

17.10.2016, Ipsos Connect launches Connect:Live to help advertisers understand the brand impact of their online video advertising     

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